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Do It Like A Local - Nona Chalant

Nona Chalant

Nona Chalant is a drag artist and fashion explorer. She was featured in Italian Vogue, and ever since then, she has committed herself to being an advocate for Israeli fashion. Nona has always had an influence in the fashion and entertainment industry, from doing fashion and gallery tours of Tel Aviv to currently styling and doing makeup for artists and performers.  She also hosts and performs in many shows herself, including one where she sings original songs. In everything Nona does, she wants to make it known that identity is fluid, and through fashion and art, we should feel comfortable to express ourselves however we please. 
Nona loves Tel Aviv because the city perfectly combines fashion, music, art, nightlife, and there is always something happening. She also appreciates that Tel Aviv provides so many opportunities and projects to get involved with.  
For example, for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, she will be doing videos on her Instagram in conjunction with Kan, the broadcasting network of Eurovision. She’ll also contribute to a TV show that will illustrate the queer alternative perspective around Eurovision. Here’s how Nona best suggests visitors enjoy Tel Aviv this Eurovision season. 

Chill on the Sand at Hilton Beach
The beaches in Tel Aviv are just the cherry on top of a vibrant, cultural city. When Nona wants to take in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, she goes to the Hilton Beach. “It’s a gay friendly beach for the LGBTQ community,” which is one way Tel Aviv feels more like an intimate place rather than just another metropolis. 

Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Absorb Amazing Art at Ben Ami Gallery
Nona lives for the art scene in Tel Aviv, and whenever she needs inspiration in a really cool vibe, she goes to Ben Ami Gallery. Nona really appreciates that gallery has works from well-known and unknown artists, and having a coffee shop attached to the gallery doesn’t hurt either. “The environment is urban but welcoming and really feels like a community.” 
Hahashmal Street 12, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Shop Local at Gor-Mette
Store owner Itai Lapid is a local jewelry designer and prioritizes displaying only Israeli designers at his clothing store Gor-Mette. Nona loves shopping here because the clothes are all designed and manufactured in Israel, and with such a wide range of options, she says, “There’s always something there, and it’s a place that locals know and love.” 
Tchernichovsky Street 11, Tel Aviv, Israel  
Stroll Around the Gan Hahashmal Neighborhood
 When Nona wants to go to her happy place and relax, her first stop is the Gan Hahashmal neighborhood. Nona loves to dig through the many second hand and vintage shops to find pieces that fit her bold style, and peruse the art galleries and design houses located there as well. If you have the time, Nona says, “You can easily pass the entire day there enjoying Israeli fashion and art.” 
Levontin Street 10, Tel Aviv, Israel
Discover the Hidden Gem: Sunset Views from a Parking Deck
If Nona wants to see the glorious sunset over the Mediterranean, she doesn’t go to the beach, she insteads heads over to a parking lot on Gruzenberg street, near the Carmel Market. This is one of Nona’s favorite secret spots in the city, and she swears that if you go up to the 8th floor, “There’s an amazing view of the city coastline and cityline, and the sunset there is perfect.”
Gruzenberg Street 16, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Vegan Delights at Anastasia
When it comes to eating out, Nona is vegan, and so her favorite place to go is the restaurant Anastasia. This vegan haven has a large menu, a really kind staff and vegan food that really doesn’t taste or look vegan at all. Nona says she loves Anastasiabecause, “I like to break stigmas, and the food at Anastasiais able to break stigmas on what is thought of as vegan food.” 
Frishman Street 54, Tel Aviv, Israel
Dance the Night Away at Lima Lima
Nona loves the nightlife of Tel Aviv, and when she wants to go out, her club of choice is Lima Lima. 
Every Monday, the club hosts a gay night that has a super happy vibe, but for Nona, the most important part is that, “You can dance inside the club and breathe and drink outside, all right in the center of Tel Aviv, close to everything.”
Lilienblum Street 42, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Celebrate Eurovision at Two Clubs
Eurovision is a huge and exciting event for everyone in Tel Aviv, but with Nona’s involvement in the contest, she’s even more eager to celebrate than most. Nona will definitely be at Club Theatron which will turn into a Euroclub, as well as Haoman 17, host of the incredible EuroCafe party. “Both places are great if you want to see another side of Eurovision.” 
Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv, Israel 
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