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About us

Our undivided attention lavished on every guest will allow you to indulge and enjoy all that Israel, Jordan, Greece & Egypt have to offer, care free

OUTstanding Travel offers the best in high-quality travel services to Mediterranean destinations, filled with a rich history and culture, culinary delights, original experiences and settings, and of course a great LGBTQ+ scene that we are eager to share with you, the LGBTQ+ community. Our boutique and tailor-made approach will expose you to unique cultural experiences, fabulous beaches, beautiful people and a vibrant nightlife, custom-tailored to your every need. At OUTstanding Travel, we understand the importance of high quality and caring service.

Our undivided attention lavished on every one of our dear guests will allow you to indulge and enjoy in all that these two wonderful destinations have to offer, care-free. Let us pamper, comfort and take care of your every detail, with no request unattended. Our immense knowledge of LGBTQ+ Mediterranean destinations and its scene qualifies us to provide the most unforgettable experience, without missing a beat. We ourselves are gay and lesbian locals, and who better to ask than the people who live and breathe the action?

Is it the electric, one-of-a-kind nightlife you crave? The savoury restaurants you lust over? The trendiest of shopping destinations to peruse, or the historic cultural attractions to absorb? We can provide it all. Our tailor-made, personalized packages present the perfect escape for you, your friends and family, or significant other, while our Group Trips and Daily Tours create dynamic opportunities to foster new friendships and international networks, all whilst having a marvelous time!

Absorb the rich history of these fascinating destinations, the sparkling 24/7 Gay scenes of Mykonos, Madrid and Tel Aviv, magnificent serenity of the Dead Sea, the mesmerizing and picturesque sunsets of Santorini and Barcelona, the beautiful history of Jerusalem & Rome, and the exceptional weather in all of these perfect getaway destinations. OUTstanding Travel offers an unparalleled getaway to LGBTQ+ Mediterranean destinations, never before available to the Gay community.

Our aim is to create a unique and chic travel agency, for the LGBTQ+ community by the LGBTQ+ community, and we have exceeded expectations at every turn, satisfying thousands of happy people along the way!

A letter from Nadav

Hi guys, welcome to OUTstanding Travel!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nadav Peretz and I am the founder of this one-of-a-kind company. Our mission is to bring high-quality travel services to gay and lesbian travelers who visit the Mediterranean coastline, without compromising on sophistication and style.

A little about myself. I am a 39-year-old, gay Tel Avivian with a true passion for travel in the region I'm lucky enough to call home. I’ve traveled all across the globe and have learned many things from my travels, most of all what it takes to design a really fantastic trip, tailored for the gay individual that you are unlikely to forget. I have handpicked the two most rewarding destinations in the Mediterranean for your traveling pleasure, ensuring that you get your fill of history, cuisine and culture, vibrant nightlife, golden beaches, and, of course, a lively and friendly Gay community for you to discover. OUTstanding Travels’ trips to Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Greece offer an unforgettable experience for you and your companions, to really live life to the fullest. 

I have worked in various positions of Public Relations, Marketing, and Travel, including The Israeli Mission to the United Nations, The Israeli Consulate of New York, Israel’s Gay Youth Organization (IGY) and Ben-Or Communications. I’ve produced and taken part in many global events, and hosted several significant guests during their visits to Israel. With an extensive network portfolio, powerful connections and unparalleled knowledge of the hottest, trendiest and top gay destinations and historical sites, I will make sure your travel experience is nothing short of fabulous! After all, who better to guide you than a gay traveler himself?

Gay travelers are known to love the finer things in life, and we will personally make sure your trip is everything you’ve envisioned and more: Top-notch accommodations, high-quality services and an unsurpassable level of attention – from the moment you land to the minute you depart. The beautiful region of the Mediterranean has so much to offer. Allow us to show you the best of the best of the Mediterranean the OUTstanding way. I guarantee that with OUTstanding Travel you’ll get the experience of a lifetime.

Stay OUTstanding, 
Nadav Peretz


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