Mediterranean LGBTQ+ Experience
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Gay Travel

Gay Travel

Are you drawn to the Mediterranean region with its ancient wonders and timeless
scenery? Is Egypt, Greece, Israel, or Jordan on your bucket list? Are you fascinated
by different cultures and new experiences? Need more information on gay-friendly
must-see destinations?

Mediterranean tours combine the richness of cultural attractions, gorgeous seaside vistas,
and unique destinations. There is warmth and joy inherent to different aspects of being in
this region. Bustling streets, outdoor marketplaces, long stretches of shoreline, and the most
exquisite food you’ve ever tasted. Everywhere you go there is something to see and do.

Curating the Mediterranean Gay Travel Experience
Gay travel tours combine cultural adventures and must-see historical venues alongside
brilliant beach landscapes and relaxing getaways. With so much to see and do and so many
attractions to choose from, a tour organizer is a good choice to tailor your Mediterranean
travel experience. Whether you want to join a group or keep things intimate having a tour
provider to help build your perfect package is essential. The familiarity and insight of
professional organizers will help tailor a dream vacation for you.

Ancient Landscapes and Breathtaking Journeys
Some of the most popular destinations for travelers in the region are host to the world’s most
ancient structures. Destinations thousands of years old are a spectacle to behold. Journey
to magnificent places in and around the Mediterranean Sea. Go Greek Island hopping, stand
at the foot of the pyramids, bear witness to the wonders of the ancient world. Popular
journeys to choose from include:

- Egypt – The Great Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, and Cairo. Exploring ancient Egypt, Nile
cruises, and more.
- Greece – Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and more! Island hopping, wineries, cruises,
and more.
- Israel – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, and Eilat. Ancient Israel walking tours,
coastline bus tours, Dead Sea and the Red Sea, and more.
- Jordan – Petra, Aqaba, and Amman. Classic Jordan, desert tours, the Siq Trail, and

Outstanding Travel – Curating Tours for the Gay Community
Outstanding Travel is an experienced gay tour organizer. The tours are curated by LGBTQ+
personnel with an in-depth knowledge of the region. The tours are tailored to the desires and
needs of the community and the individual. Outstanding Travel caters to tour groups,
couples’ vacations, honeymoons, and all LGBTQ+ individuals looking for a queer-friendly
tailored experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

For more information on gay travel in the Mediterranean, contact us!

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