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update on our cancellation policy

Life is slowly going back to the new normal in the Mediterranean and you might want to finally take that trip you were longing for. But you got more cautious when it comes to booking anything in advance. We all do. That's why at OUTstanding Travel, we decided that the following would apply for all new bookings: if due to travel restrictions imposed by either your home-country or Israel/Jordan, you cannot partake in one of our trips, cancellation fee will be reduced to 10% (this includes the commission of 2% the credit card company charges us per transaction), or we will offer you the possibility to reschedule without charges within a period of 365 days after the original date of arrival.

Also, feel free to ask us about the real-time situation in any of our destinations. We will be able to give you the most updated information in all honesty. Your safety, health, and happiness are our first concern.

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