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The M&H Distillery
Israel's First Whisky Distillery
The M&H Distillery
Israel's First Whisky Distillery
The M&H Distillery is Israel's first whisky distillery, dedicated to genuine artisanal manufacture and committed to maintaining the highest standards.
A pioneering force in Israel, M&H combines science, technology and skilled handiwork to craft with no compromises or shortcuts. The ingredients, equipment, barrels and production process are all carefully managed to ensure a true top-shelf, world-class product – from an unaged spirit to Israel's first single malt whisky.
The distillery and its Visitor Center is a hidden gem among the workshops and warehouses of the small industrial zone on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, right by the Bloomfield Soccer Stadium, and walking distance from Jaffa’s flea market. An experience that will give you a glimpse into our craft using all your senses, we offer public and private tours for individuals and groups.
Join us for tours of the Distillery and tastings of our products! Advanced booking is required.
Tour and tasting in the Distillery:
Milk & Honey, the first whiskey distillery in Israel, opens its doors and offers you to join an experiential tour of the distillery where you can hear and see the process of making whiskey. Taste a variety of fine distillery products. The craft of making whiskey is a traditional craft, loaded with history and chemistry, technology and manual labor. The tours and tastings at the Milk & Honey complex in Tel Aviv allow you to participate in a truly experiential work. The tour includes a short explanation of the history of the whiskey, a tour of the various production stations and of course a sampling of the products
Tour and tasting in the Distillery Per Person
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Cocktail workshop and tour of the distillery:
As part of the workshop, you will experience a special 30-minute tour to familiarize yourself with the production process at the distillery with tasting, of course, because you can not make cocktails without tasting!At the end of the tour, you will pass to the visitors' center where you will start to rattle in a special cocktail workshop that will last an hour and a half and include a glimpse into the world of Mixologist.
Each of the guests will use a mix of mixers (shaker, strainers, raw materials, etc.) and prepare three wonderful cocktails based on the distillery's two distillates:
-Gin Levantini seasoned with spices from the Levinsky Market  
New Mike - an outdated grain distillery that forms the basis for whiskey.
Cocktail workshop and tour of the distillery Per Person (Group of 10)
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