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Egypt | 10D | Group trip to Egypt

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As far back as our memories go, we can all remember being amazed by the stories of ancient Egypt, the cradle of civilization.  The mystery of how the pyramids were built, the unbelievable cache of treasures buried deep in tombs, the strange ritual of mummification, the art of hieroglyphics, and the wonder surrounding this unique civilization that existed 4500 years ago.  There are few places on earth that so tightly grip our imagination and curiosity and it's all the more powerful when finally standing at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Giza, or exploring underground tombs in the Valley of the Kings surrounded by hieroglyphics, or placing your own hand on the massive pillars of the Karnak Temple in Luxor.  The pages of our history books come to life right in front of us for 10 days that can only be called epic.
Our seasoned OUTstanding/Detours travelers will note some differences with this special-edition destination... While we incorporate the same fun relaxed atmosphere that you've come to expect, this particular trip includes upgraded 5-star accommodation throughout, some more structure to each day, and more inclusions, all in an effort to provide maximum comfort and safety in this unique part of the world.  Check out the itinerary, inclusions, and trip notes for our upcoming 10-day Egypt adventures below.
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