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Israel | 9D | Tel Aviv Pride 2024 - Week Package

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Welcome to the exotic, unpredictable, and proud city of Tel Aviv! You are joining our OUTstanding team on an amazing celebration of pride and freedom. Discover the city that is hosting the 2024 Pride Parade, the breathtaking and historical capital of Jerusalem, the lowest sea level in the world, the Dead Sea, and of course, the insane parties before, during and after the happiest and most lively parade of all, the Pride parade 2024! 

Our team tailored a perfect package for you so you don't have to worry about any bookings, reservations or means of transportation, and of course in the most hip and gay-friendly places!
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Gay Pride Tel Aviv

When is Gay Pride Tel Aviv taking place? What are the highlights of Pride in Tel Aviv? Where are the best places to go during Pride?
Gay Pride Tel Aviv is celebrated every year in June. There are week-long activities surrounding the Pride parade all over the city. The entire month of June is dedicated to Gay Pride in Tel Aviv and all over Israel. The Pride parade itself is thought to be the highlight event of the season. But there are many more attractions and activities to explore in Tel Aviv. From gay beaches to clubs and parties, every day in Tel Aviv is a gay pride holiday. 

Pride Parade and More
The gay Pride parade has been an annual event in Tel Aviv officially since 1998. The municipality of Tel Aviv hosts the event and is a proud supporter of LGBTQ rights. It is the most secular city in Israel where LGBTQ locals and tourists alike can feel comfortable being out. Tel Aviv is an ideal place to entertain LGBTQ tourists. 
From the city the hosted Eurovision 2019, you know Tel Aviv is big on entertainment. The city is known for its party atmosphere, its chic restaurants, clubs that go all night, and friendly locals everywhere. There are parties and events throughout Pride week, and we have passes to the most exclusive ones available. Interested in skinny dipping at Tel Aviv’s gay beaches? We can take you there. We know all the best places. 

OUTstanding Trips to Gay Pride Tel Aviv
OUTstanding Travel can help you plan your trip to Israel for Tel Aviv Pride. We offer both standard and premium group tours. Whether you plan to drop in just for Pride parade weekend or if you would like to explore longer, we can help you out. Individuals, couples, or groups – we build custom trips for your needs. 
Our team makes sure your trip is hassle-free with all your needs taken care of. All you have to do is show up and have a good time. 

Nadav and Crew
Nadav and his crew of LGBTQ guides will help plan your trip and make sure it is a memorable one. Get expert advice for prominent hotels, reservations at the best restaurants, and door passes for the hottest parties.
Come to gay pride Tel Aviv! To book a Pride package contact us and a representative will get back to you!

LGBTQ Tel Aviv
When it comes to the community of LGBTQ Tel Aviv offers many entertainment options? Where do you go to meet LGBTQ locals? Are there LGBTQ tours of Tel Aviv?  
Tel Aviv is the Mecca of LGBTQ travel in the Middle East. Anyone from the LGBTQ community looking for a good time will find it here. The city is a bastion of inclusivity and tolerance. No matter your age, ethnicity, or how you identify Tel Aviv has what you are looking for. If you belong to a specific LGBTQ community, you will find activities and group gatherings in Tel Aviv, whatever your flavor.  

LGBTQ Entertainment
There are clubs, parties, and shows every single week in Tel Aviv where the LGBTQ community is celebrated. The Werk, for example, hosts a weekly Drag show on Tuesday nights where prominent local queens such as Suzi Boum, Ziona Patriot, and Fluid Snow perform. Drag shows in Israel promote both drag queens and kings. 
LGBTQ center in Gan Meir also offers a rich schedule of activities, game nights, forums, and more. City walking tours with LGBTQ guides for the gay community are available through OUTstanding Travel. Our trips include both historic sites and luxury tours of distilleries, outdoor markets, and the shopping capital of Israel.  

LGBTQ Tel Aviv – Something for Everyone
Tel Aviv offers activities for all LGBTQ communities and promotes inclusivity. There are events year-round in the city for diverse types of communities. While June is a popular month for tourists due to Pride, there are also great events in autumn. 
A popular September event is hosted by the Leather community. The ILF, Israel Leather and Fetish Club, hold the annual Israel Mr. Leather competition in autumn. Check out their event schedule at Mash Central club.  An October event gaining momentum the last few years is hosted by the Bear community. The Mr. Bear Israel competition is held on Oct. 9th.  Look out for their Do-Be parties.
These are only a few examples of everything the city has in store. If you choose to travel to Tel Aviv in any month of the year our travel guides will find you an LGBTQ experience to remember. 

OUTstanding Travel Guides for LGBTQ Tel Aviv 
OUTstanding Travel offers year-round trips for LGBTQ. Our guides are LGBTQ Tel Aviv locals and are familiar with all the city has to offer for the LGBTQ community. They provide tips on places to see and things to do.
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