cities and sites

Jerusalem is overflowing with some of the country’s most fascinating and fabulous sites, a fusion of ancient attractions and modern culture, which Israel is so famous for.
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel's central urban hub that never sleeps, offers an array of various sites, smells, and experiences. In the past few years it has developed into the Gay Capital of the Middle East with thousands of people coming for Pride Week and all year.
The Dead Sea & Massada
The Dead Sea, the world’s largest natural spa, located in the lowest point on earth, has been attracting visitors for thousands of years. Today it has become an oasis of luxury in the middle of the colourful sandy Israeli desert.
One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Petra represents a central convergence of the old trading roads between the Arabian Peninsula, Levant, China and Europe. Visitors will be astounded by the sight of the Treasury, which represents the masterpiece of the ancient city.
Galilee & Golan
There's intense beauty in Israel’s northern region, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. Its lush green scenery, picturesque hills and cliffs, and the sparkling coolness of the Sea of Galilee make it the ideal place to hike or camp.
Haifa, just an hour away from Tel Aviv, is Israel’s third largest city and one of its most attractive. Situated between the alluring Mediterranean Sea and Carmel mountain, the city’s landscape provides the observer with a rich variety of succulent sights.
The Negev Desert & Eilat
It is always phenomenal to land in an area which enjoys summer weather almost all year round, and Eilat is lucky enough to have just that. Surrounded by unexpectedly colorful desert cliffs, this beach town enjoys the seclusion and tropical environment that visitors yearn for.